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In today’s modern world countless businesses and social interaction are occurring and everyone requires a computer, laptop or tablet working at peak performance. These devices play a critical role in our daily lives. But unfortunately,  these devices need to be serviced periodically to repair existing problems and to ensure that they continue to function optimally. This requires the help of a certified technician using the latest diagnostic tools to service your computer and get it running as it should.

Whether your computer is running slow, or not at all American Soft Techs Corp. can help. At American Soft Techs Corp., we offer world class end-to-end technical support services for PC’s, laptops and tablets. Our expert repair services cover everything from software to hardware to device and network connectivity issues. Backed by a team of trained and certified experts American Soft Techs Corp. with more than a decade of experience, have skills, experience, and knowledge to resolve almost any problem quickly and efficiently,  you might be facing with your PC, laptop or tablet. Moreover, at American Soft Techs Corp. if we can’t fix your technical issue we won’t charge you a penny.

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American Soft Techs Corp. is an independent third party repair firm offering customized solutions for all brands and different types of computing devices. Our technical support for PC’s, laptops and tablets provided through a dedicated computer support . We are available 365 days to address any system performance problem. We offer effective custom solutions based on the requirements and specifications of your platform.

Some of the most common computer support and repair issues that our certified techs resolve include:

  • System crash issues.
  • Unable to consistently boot system.
  • Installation and reinstallation of OS(operating system software.
  • Unable to install certain software applications.
  • OS(operating system compatibility issues.
  • System hang up and freeze issues.
  • Computer takes too long to start and shut down.
  • Computer or other device operating slowly.
  • Problems with networks.
  • Unable to setup printers.
  • Interrupted disk access.
  • Performing disk defragmentation.
  • Locating and deleting junk files.
  • Memory optimization services.
  • Checking and repairing registry errors.
  • Complete antivirus support.
  • Performing full system and root scans to eradicate hard to find viruses.

This is just a glimpse atsome of the common problems our expert technical support team regularly troubleshoots. There is nearly an infinite list of computer performance issues that our tech support team at American Soft Techs Corp.has successfully repaired…

What makes us different?

When getting any computing device serviced it is important that the firm doing the repairs have expert knowledge in repairing a broad array of devices and problems that occur with those devices. At American Soft Techs Corp.we have over a decade of experience and we use only trained and certified techs to work on our customer’s computing devices.

Here are some of the American Soft Techs Corp. advantages that allow us to stand apart from the herd:

  • A team of certified professionals continually trained on the latest devices and technologies.
  • Use of the latest diagnostic tools and techniques.
  • Free evaluation and system diagnostics.
  • Affordable guaranteed repairs and subscription plans.
  • troubleshooting and repair (no need to haul your computer to a repair shop).
  • Support for all major brands and devices.
  • No escalations.
Get in touch with our world class PC/laptop/tablet technical support .

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American Soft Techs Corp. is an independent online technical support service provider. At American Soft Techs Corp. we provide maintenance and technical support services for the desktops, tablets, laptops, network devices, and other related peripherals. We provide service for all major third-party software and hardware brands. Our services are provided through our pool of highly trained specialists and experts many of whom have been certified by leading technology companies such as Lenovo, Netgear, Microsoft, Dell, HP etc. However, our technical support services are not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned on the website. The brand names, logos, trademarks, company names used on this website belong to their respective owners. All brands names, logos, trademarks, company names used on this website are for the representation purposes only. We are a full service, a one-stop solution providing 365 days maintenance and technical support services for home and small business computers and related peripherals.