Set Up a NETGEAR Range Extender

As the name suggests, a range extender is a device which helps a user get the internet signal where it is impossible for a router to transmit the same. In short, a Netgear range extender eliminates the dead zones by creating an uninterrupted signal over that area.

NETGEAR has a number of range extenders in the market, and all of them are fast, secure, and reliable. In order to make a range extender work, you first need to set it up. To do that, you have to follow the steps mentioned below.

How to setup NETGEAR Range Extender

  1. Plug your extender into an electrical wall outlet and turn it on.
  2. Now using an ethernet cable, connect it to a client device.
  3. Type the IP Address of the router into the URL box of a web browser and hit Enter.
  4. Now on the login window, enter the default login credentials of the device and press Enter.
  5. Once you have made it to the administrator page, click Setup and then go to Wireless.
  6. Under the security options, check the value against Password. It should match the router password.
  7. After having done all this, click the option Apply and close the management console.

That’s it. Your device is successfully set up. Connect your NETGEAR range extender to all the devices that you want to surf the internet on and enjoy a hassle-free internet connection.

For a configured range extender, the area of the place where it is installed does not matter. It can cover quite a large area without having to worry about purchasing another extender. The additional Gigabit Ethernet ports on most of them let users connect the specified number of devices through Ethernet cables. One can get ten times the speed on a Gigabit port than on a fast port.

If you need any further assistance for a NETGEAR range extender support, call us at our helpline number . Your issues will be resolved in a matter of minutes by our technical experts.