How to Share a USB Canon Printer

As USB Canon printer is more compact, needless to say, cost less than network printers, it is often the choice for home or small office who wants to maintain only one printer. Canon printer set up for sharing is easy. Only network jack is required to proceed with the printer installation. As long as it’s not showing a Canon Printer Offline status, you can at any time, print from any of the computers connected.

Steps to Share a USB Canon Printer

  1. Click on the Windows start button and navigate to settings, control panel, printers. Right click on the printer to be shared.
  2. Select “change sharing options” if network and print sharing has not already been enabled. Follow the prompts to allow sharing.
  3. Check the button next to “share this printer.” Enter a share name for the printer. This is the name that other users on the network will see when searching for printers. Limit the name to 8 letters with no characters or spaces.
  4. Select “additional drivers” if there are other computers on the network with older Windows operating systems. Follow the prompts to install drivers for these computers. This will save time since the drivers won’t have to be downloaded and installed separately on the other computers.
  5. Follow the same steps to get to the printers setting on the other computer. Right click “add printer” and select “network printer.” Allow Windows to search the network for printers. If the printer isn’t found automatically, select “the printer I want is not listed.” Select “browse for printers” and find the computer that is attached to the USB printer. Click the plus sign to expand it, and then select the printer.