Fix Ricoh Printer Offline Error

Ricoh printer is detected offline while it is online. That is a day-to-day technical problem for printers. There are several reasons behind the ricoh printer going offline that can be found and fixed by a technical expert.

Rioch printer offline error detected or requested via protocols: SNMP or WMI. Hence, printers try to find problems through SNMP or WMI. SNMP is less commonly used for finding printer technical problems. In that case Technical experts can solve printer offline problems.

Ricoh Printer keeps going to sleep

There are two options to detect Ricoh printer offline errors: SNMP or WMI. In the first case use SNMP and disable WMI. Steps are mentioned below how to detect via Ricoh print and share.

  1. Tap to open Ricoh print and share.
  2. Next, Open the “Profiles” dialog via clicking in the upper-right corner (change).
  3. In the “Profiles” dialog, click on the general setting.
  4. Go in ‘General Configuration’ and select ‘General setting’.
  5. Now, choose the only WMI for detecting ricoh printer status.
  6. Tap ok and close the dialog and setting.
  7. Now, run print and are being detected errors.

Ricoh printer not being detected

  1. Now turn to moving on SNMP and detect printer issues easily. Steps are given below to find print and share issues.
  2. Click to Open Print&Share.
  3. Again, change the ‘Profiles’ dialog from the upper-right corner.
  4. Next, checkbox your profile edit from ‘Profiles‘ dialog.
  5. Now, in ‘Profiles’ dialog select the printer list.
  6. Tap on the trigger point button below the list.
  7. Next, find the error and change the error level.
  8. Click OK and close everything.
  9. Detect printer error.

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