How Do I Fix an Offline Printer

Imagine you want to print a document, you give printer print command and nothing happens. We are sure that, it might happen to you as well. And when you look at your printer menu “Printer Offline” message displays. But don’t worry, we’re here to help with for printer offline fix, we will help you to get back your offline printer online in no time.

Steps for How Do I Fix an Offline Printer

  • Attempt to set your printer offline to online. Go to, Settings > Printer > Right-click on printer > select Use Printer Online.
  • There might be any stuck print job that can cause the printer to go offline, so clear any print jobs. Double-click on the printer > go to Printer > select Cancel All Documents. Now try printing a test document.
  • Toggle your printer off and then back to ON mode. Check if the printer jammed and also check for the connection, make sure that none of the connection is loose.
  • Now restart your computer. And if still doesn’t work, reinstall the printer drivers.
  • For reinstalling the drivers, go to Settings > Printers > select desired printer > Right-click on the printer > select Properties. Now under the Details Tab or General look for the printer driver button select it and now choose the printer drivers again. If required download the printer drivers from printer manufacturing website.
  • Now reinstall the printer. Go to Settings > Printers > select Printer > delete the Printer > and through Add Printer wizard reinstall it. From the printer manufacturing website download the latest printer drivers.