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Q: For which products we offer technical support services?

A: We offer technical support services for Computer, Laptops, Printers, Internet, Router, Tablet and Antivirus.

Q: What is the difference between 64 bit and 32 bit versions of Windows?

A: The term 64-bit and 32-bit refers to the way, a computer handles the information (it is also called a CPU). The 64-bit version handles larger amount of RAM more effectively than 32-bit version.

Q: How much our tech support services costs?

A: We provide our services at very competitive prices – for our prices structure please visit us at our Plans & Pricing page

Q: What to do if my computer is running slow or not at all?

A: There can be any reasons for a slow running computer, for example RAM issue or virus maybe. You can get help from our computer technical support services and resolve all your PC’s technical issues.

Q: Which locations we serve?

A: USA and Canada.

Q: Do we resolve Laptop technical issue?

A: Yes. We also serve in the field of Laptop tech support. You can get help from our Laptop technical support services at affordable price.

Q: What to do if my printer displays printer offline message?

A: We can also help you get your printer back online in no time. Talk to our certified printer offline support executive now.

Q: What should I do if I am facing issues in installing or finding devices on my network?

A: Don’t worry if your router is facing any installation & setup related issue or any other technical problems. Our certified tech experts focused solely on router technical support services and wireless network customer support. Call us now.

Q: What if we cannot fix your technical issue?

A: if we can’t fix your technical issue we won’t charge you a penny.

Q: Do we offer kindle/tablet support services?

A: Yes. We also offer tablet technical support services and resolve all your most common kindle support and repair issues.

Q: Do we offer internet and Wi-Fi support services?

A: Yes, we offer internet technical support services and Wi-Fi technical support services. Our certified tech experts focused solely on the internet connectivity and the wireless network customer support.

Q: Do we offer antivirus technical support services?

A: Yes. We offer superior antivirus technical support services including quick and complete scanning and eradication of potential threats.

Q: Who is American Soft Techs Corp.?

A: We are the Best online technical support company. We offer all kind of Online Technical Support Services. Call us for technical support assistance at