How to Connect Your Wireless Printer on Windows?

If you have bought new wireless printer and have no idea how to connect it to your windows computer. Then follow the steps given below. And connect your wireless printer to your computer :

Steps to Connect Your Wireless Printer on Windows?

  1. Start with checking all the possible network connection, check whether your printer connection is setup through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  2. Always remember that you should set up your computer system at the place where your system can catch Wi-Fi signal easily.
  3. You can’t place it too far as your printer needs to communicate with your wireless router.
  4. Now, plug-in your printer to the power source and turn your printer on.
  5. For setting up the network follow the instructions in the manual that has come with your printer.
  6. Now use the menu interface on your printer so that you can search for your wireless network.
  7. You will be asked to enter password once you connect with your wireless network.
  8. Now you have to prepare your printer for the connection. 1. Wifi : Use printer’s screen to find the wireless setup page and once connect enter the password.
  9. Network should be same for the computer and printer. 2. Bluetooth : Click on the Bluetooth icon and press the pair button and you will be connected.
  10. Now click on the Start menu.
  11. Go to Settings
  12. click on the Devices.
  13. Now click on the Printers & Scanners or the Bluetooth or other devices.
  14. Now click on the option you want either Printers & Scanners or the Bluetooth or other devices.
  15. Now connect your printer to your computer.
  16.  Add window, click your printer name and if you are connecting through Bluetooth even then you need to on the connect option after you select the printer. By doing so you will be connected to your wireless printer.