How to Connect Your HP Wireless Printer to a Wireless Network

In this blog we’re going to share a method with you how to connect your HP wireless printer to a wireless network. Every printer of HP has not wireless functionality so make sure your printer is wireless.

 Connect Your HP Wireless Printer to a Wireless Network

  1. Your first step is to make sure that your PC and wireless network is compatible.
  2. Search for the printer on Google. Find your printer software and download it.
  3. Double click the software file and install it.
  4. Now turn on your HP wireless printer.
  5. Now you need to follow the instruction shown on the screen until you reach the Network section in the setup.
  6. Now select Network(Ethernet/Wireless) option.
  7. Now click on Yes, send my wireless settings to the printer.
  8. Now wait till your printer connects.
  9. Now you can Finish the setup process.