Installation of brother printer is a very easy thing to do. Why my brother printer doesn’t want to install it’s software and said colon. It requires certain steps. The steps are given below:-

  1. Install cartridges— Open the printer and remove the cartridges packaging. Place them carefully and click them properly or else the printer will show an error message. The printer will then install itself and give a test print. Press OK if the print is all good.
  2. Download software—Now comes the installation of the software from the brother printer. Go to web browser and click downloads. Chose your product category and the printer series. Then select the Operating System of your computer or PC. Then download package of drivers and software.
  3. Install software— Go to installation properties. Select your language to run the installation software. Go through the steps of installation wizard and follow them.
  4. Connection method—
  • Through software– In the brother software, select the Wi-Fi connection. Follow the given steps. The software immediately connects the printer to the Wi-Fi.
  • Through printer—Go to the Wi-Fi option, select change settings. Go to installation wizard. Select your network’s name or SSID. Enter your password. Press OK. 

Steps to install brother printer without CD-ROM

If you have lost the installation disc, you can still install your printer. Follow the steps below:-

  1. power on your printer and computer.
  2. Connect the printer to the computer.
  3. Login with the admin account.
  4. The drivers will be installed automatically for you. If it is successful, a message will be flashed. If it does get installed, then you will have to install the drivers manually.
  5. Go to web browser and install the drivers according to the printer model.
  6. Click start and select devices and printers. 
  7. Click add a printer.
  8. Select use an existing port and choose the printer port page. 
  9. Choose USB port if it is a USB model.
  10. Click next. Go to the folder where you have the driver files and click OK. 
  11. Follow the instructions shown on screen and click finish.

 How to add brother printer to mac

The steps to install brother printer on MAC and add a wireless printer to a mac by following steps:

  1. Power on your printer and remove the plug from the power outlet and the interface cable. Then plug it again.
  2. Insert the CD Rom drive. Follow the instructions you see on screen.
  3. Now restart the printer.
  4. Select your printer and install your paper port.
  5. Go to apple menu and select system preferences.
  6. Click on printers and scanners. Then click on add. 
  7. click default option and select the name of your printer from the list. Then click add.
  8. The printer is now added to your computer or PC. Click on quit system preferences to finish.