A router is a networking device which transfers the data packets over different network connections. At a time when people cannot live without an internet connection, a device is much needed which can let a number of devices connect to the same network within a defined boundary. It can be achieved through a wired connection, which is, by using a switch, and also wirelessly.

Like any other networking device, a router needs to be set up to work as well. With the demand and use of routers as high as anything, there are a number of brands manufacturing the same. NETGEAR is one such brand, and its products are secure and reliable.

To setup NETGEAR router, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Plug the router into an electrical source and turn it on.
  • Now connect the router to a computer or a laptop using an Ethernet cable.
  • In the URL box of a web browser, insert the IP Address of the router and hit Enter.
  • Once the login prompt appears, input the Username and Password.
  • This’ll take you to the web-based management console of your device.
  • Once you are there, click Setup Wizard, then Yes and then Next.
  • Within the next few minutes, the router will save the settings and be connected to your Internet Service Provider.

Having invested a very small amount of time and effort, you have, without the help of anyone, set your router up for the use.