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American Soft Techs Corp. has changed the process of waiting in long chat queues or waiting on hold for phone-based support from major manufacturers and service providers. We provide a customized help-desk technical support with 365 days a year with NO queue. We provide instant support when you need it. Just ring us or contact our technical support team to receive instant support and solutions to problems with any third party hardware or software product, including antivirus software, printers, routers, tablets, and computers. We believe our prices to be the best in the market for the services we provide. We care for your products and provide the best possible support using Team Viewer, or tel-calling. We address all of your issues and concerns providing step by step support. We are always available and we’re never satisfied until you’re satisfied. American Soft Techs Corp. is one of the fastest growing companies providing technical support for hardware and software products such as antivirus installation and updates, printer installation and malfunctions, network connectivity issues and many other computer related problems including, software installation, missing or lost files and PC/laptop/tablet performance issues. We have trained and experienced technology experts on staff each with specialized skills to address each type of problem.

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American Soft Techs Corp. is an one shop top solutions for all kind of printer, PCs,  Arlo support, Antivirus Support, Router Support, Internet and WiFi support, and Tablet Support ETC. Any kind of technical problem can be solved at americans without surfing browser.  We look any kind of printer issues such as

  • My printer is not printing
  • My printer is offline
  • My printer is running out of ink
  • My printer is too slow
  • Can’t print from my mobile device,
  • Wi-Fi printing takes too long,
  • Paper jams
  • How to install drivers
  • PC support is provided by a certified PC support technician. Assistance ranges from general operation of a computer to diagnosing and repairing software and system failures.
  • We troubleshoot and repair all types of printer issues, including error messages and connectivity issues. If you are unable to connect, stay connected or have a slow connection we can help.
  • We can diagnose and fix problems with routers, modems and wireless extenders.
  • Antivirus software is needed to protect your device and any information that you store on your device.
  • We provide top rated antivirus solutions to maximize your privacy and security.


American Soft Techs Corp. is an independent online technical support service provider. At American Soft Techs Corp. we provide maintenance and technical support services for the desktops, tablets, laptops, network devices, and other related peripherals. We provide service for all major third-party software and hardware brands. Our services are provided through our pool of highly trained specialists and experts many of whom have been certified by leading technology companies such as Lenovo, Netgear, Microsoft, Dell, HP etc. However, our technical support services are not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned on the website. The brand names, logos, trademarks, company names used on this website belong to their respective owners. All brands names, logos, trademarks, company names used on this website are for the representation purposes only. We are a full service, a one-stop solution providing 365 days maintenance and technical support services for home and small business computers and related peripherals.